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se people who are spreading this message of solidarity and?? peace, which corresponds to 'friendship through sport', the mo??tto of the CISM." The 52-year-old Frenchman repeated his prais??e on the Games on Sunday at the closing ceremony, saying "the M??ilitarK

y World Games leaves Wuhan unparalleled tangible and inta??ngible heritage for the future generations." Piccirillo applau??ded the Athletes' Village and sports facilities built for the G??ames. "Athletes' Village represents the effectiveness of the ci??ty government's effort to balance between urban development and?? environmental protection," said he. "The multiple sports venue??s built in line with highest standards in 2

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t in the Games' 24-year history. Piccirillo ??expressed his sincere thanks to the organizers and volunteers f??or their contributions and services to the promotion of militar??y sports, commenting "you have completed your jobs excellently.??" "I woul7

d like to thank the governments of China, Hubei provi??nce, and Wuhan city for enabling us all, valid and disabled, to?? share the common value of the military uj

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nder the banner of inc??lusiveness, equality, universal love and sharing, and this is t??he greatest success of the event," said Piccirillo. "All these?? will not have been possible without the conscientious efforts ??of the organizing committee. TheD

volunteers have made our stay ??in Wuhan better, easier and more convenient." Ma Guoqiang, Par??ty secretary of Wuhan city, paid tributes to the participants a??cross the world, 8

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saying they have been "writing down a brand-ne??w page in the history of world military sports," and honored th??eir performances at the event. "Military athletes from 109 cou??ntries have come here and given their full and best plays in th??e compet4

itions. They have not only demonstrated excellent sport??s skills, but also showed high morale," said Ma at the ceremony??. He also praised the athletes with disabZ

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ilities, noting they ??have exemplified the military dignity and showcased the power o??f life with their firm determination and great perseverance. M??a underlined the theme of "peace" delivered from the Games and ??the sign of goodwill from China. "Peace is an eternal theme and?? a shared aspirE

ation of the human society, as well as an unremi??tting pursuit of the Chinese people," said Ma. "This Games, as?? a sign of goodwill from the Chinese government, thef

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Chinese ar??med forces, and the Chinese people, convey our yearning and ble??ssing for peace. We hope the Games, like bright sunshine, can d??ispel the darkness of war and buit

ld a bridge of friendship to p??romote exchanges between civilizations." The 2019 Games has at??tracted the largest number of athletes and presented the most s??portsf

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in history. Nearly 10,000 soldiers from 109 nations have ??competed for 329 gold medals in events from athletics, football??, swimming, and basketball to parachuting, lifesaving, aeron3

aut??ical and naval pentathlons. It's the first time the Games are ??open to the public, instead of being confined to barracks. Over?? 600,000 tickets had been sold, aZ

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ccording to the Games executiv??e committee, with men's basketball, women's volleyball, swimmin??g and diving in highest demand. The Games will also leave Wuha??n withP

huge benefits to infrastructure improvements, new subway?? lines, and environmental upgrades. Over the past three years, ??the city renovated 1,300 kilometers of its V

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urban roads and saw ??its metro network reach 330 kilometers in total length. Meanwhi??le, a total of 360,000 trees were planted. First held in 1995 ??in Rome, the Military World Games are a multi-sports event for ??military personnel organized by the CISM.BEIJING, Jan. 29 -- President Xi Jinping hC

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as ordered Chinese military to keep its missio??n firmly in mind and shoulder responsibility to make contributions to winning the battl??e against the novel coronavirus epidemic. Xi, also general secretl

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ary of the Communist P??arty of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, ??mE

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ade the remarks in a recent instruction to the military on the prevention and control ??of the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus. The military resolutely i??mplemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee after the novel ??coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan of Hubei Province, Xi said, adding that the armed forces ??rapidly initiated the joint prevention and control mechanism and sent elite medical tea??ms to combat the epidemic at the frontline. Xi said the epidemic prevention and control?? remained grim and complex and demanded the armed forces shoulder their responsibility,?? fight the hard battle and actively assist local authorities in fighting the epidemic. ??The armed forces are tasked with treating patients in Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, wh??ich reflects the high level of trust that the Party and the people place in them, Xi sa??id. To meet the expectations and fulfill the task, the military must strengthen leaders??hip, enhance coordination with local authorities, adhere to scientific treatment, and p??ay attention to their own protection, Xi added. Huoshenshan Hospital, which is under co??nstruction, is a makeshift hospital dedicated to treating patients infected with the no??vel coronavirus. Xi ordered military hospitals engaged in the epidemic control to treat?? patients with all-out efforts and military research institutions to step up scientific?? research to contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic.WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 -- The U.S. military on Monday confirmed that a U.S. Air Force aircraft crashe??d in Afghanistan earlier in the day. David Goldfein, chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, report??edly said that an Air Force E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node aircraft went down in ??territory currently under the Taliban control in Afghanistan while attending an event hosted by t??he Center for a New American Security, a Washington-based think tank. William Leggett, a spokesma??n for the U.S. military in Af7

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ghanistan, also confirmed the incident, saying the cause of crash is?? under investigat4

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